File Structure

In Ozark, every root-level class and enumeration is contained in a separate file on the file system. You don't have to declare these classes at the top of the file; Their name and type is included within the filename.

The two types of Ozark files are classes and enumerations. Classes have filenames that end with .class.en.ozark and enumerations end with .enumeration.en.ozark.


The Ozark compiler searches for files in the same directory as the source file. In essence, every directory with an Ozark file in it can be compiled or edited as an Ozark project.

Classes in other directories can be declared as dependencies, and then used with forward slash notation.

dependency Module at "../NestedModule"

inheritance Module/ParentClass

Ozark can import and work with supporting files in any directory, but a common pattern is to keep the source files in a directory separate from the project assets and other supporting files.

Ozark file names must follow the same conventions as the classes and enumerations that they represent; Beginning with a capital letter, CamelCased and with no underscores or special characters.